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Approved under the rules of PSA,

and the patronage of FIAP (2013/240).

Wrekin Salon 2013 : Nature Section Award Winners      
Award First name Last name Honours Country Title
PSA: Gold medal Ge Xiao AFIAP China Impala and Birds
FIAP: Gold medal John Hudson LRPS England Pallid Bat over Pool
Edmund Fellowes Medal Hui Ling Fan ARPS EFIAP Taiwan Honey Lovers
Paul Keene Medal Penny Piddock AFIAP DPAGB England Squid Showing Chromatophores
Barbara Lawton Medal Lesley Simpson ARPS EFIAP Scotland Alderfly Laying Eggs
Best Insect Dre Van Mensel EFIAP/p MFIAP Belgium Two Resting Dragonflies
Best Fungi Malcolm Kitto ARPS DPAGB England Newly Emerged Golden Pholiota
Best Mammal Alan Walker DPAGB EFIAP England Three Against One
FIAP: Ribbon Jenni Horsnell EFIAP MPSA Australia Grebe Feeding Young 10
FIAP: Ribbon Peter Larkin   England Clown Fish in Blue Anemone
WAPC Members Medal Stefan Waldendorf AFIAP England Damselflies
Honourable Mention Albert Peer MVÖAV EIIWF Austria Fennek
Honourable Mention Dre Van Mensel EFIAP/p MFIAP Belgium Fighting Pheasants
Honourable Mention Dany Chan   Canada Safeguarding
Honourable Mention Gianpiero Ferrari FRPS ABPE England Bullfinch on Frosty Teasel
Honourable Mention Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP England Coots Fighting
Honourable Mention Russell Price   England Springbok in Duststorm
Honourable Mention Juhani Valtola EFIAP Finland Airshow
Honourable Mention Alfred Preuss EFIAP Germany Rhombodera Basalis with Grassh
Honourable Mention Miran Krapez EFIAP KMFFZS Slovenia First Sign of Spring
Honourable Mention Ming-Hui Cheng   Taiwan Green Cap Spider-35